The cost of moving

Every year, thousands of people move in Quebec. Whether they do it for work, school, a larger space or a new neighborhood, the decision may be easy,  but estimating the cost of such an endeavour can be challenging. Should I do it all myself? How much will a rental moving truck cost me? What about a professional mover? These are all valid questions and we’re here to help you figure it all out.

Hiring movers vs doing it yourself

Is it truly necessary to hire professional movers when it’s time to move your things? This question comes up regularly and since there is a cost involved with using a professional service, many hesitate, without taking important factors into consideration.

First off, if you’re going to move everything yourself, you’ll have to rent a vehicle big enough to do so, safely. A 20 foot moving truck can easily run anywhere between $150 and $250 dollars for up to 24 hours and a maximum distance of 50 km. For longer distances and extra mileage, additional fees will always be applied and they can be hefty.

And speaking of hefty, there’s the lifting and physical risks one takes when moving furniture and heavy boxes. Movers are equipped to safely manoeuvre trickier items and are thus, protected. Often times, people enlist generous friends with good intentions but anyone participating in the lifting and twisting runs the risk of hurting themselves and also dropping or damaging valuable belongings that are important to you. You may say that a professional mover could also damage property and you’d be correct, however insurance covers these occasional mishaps when they occur.

Our advice? Avoid sore backs and major headaches so you can focus on other important things. Preparing your new space, unpacking and settling in are already a lot of work!

The cost of moving: things you should consider

The time of year

It’s a known fact that if you move on the first of July or September, your move is going to be more expensive. Massively popular moving days mean less available resources and higher rates. Depending on the time of year, professional movers can cost you anywhere between $960 and $2000. Low season rates are normally around $110/hour compared to shoulder or high season rates (mid May to mid July) that jump from $125 to $225/hour for an 8-room home, just to give you an example.

The distance

The distance between your former and your new address will also affect the total cost of moving. For obvious reasons, a local move will not be as expensive as moving between cities like Montreal to Toronto or Quebec City. You always want to check the rate for extra mileage with your moving company and while you’re asking, inquire about parking and suggested itineraries. These are all factors than can increase your final bill.

The duration

This can be hard to figure out, but a good way to start, is by counting all the rooms in your home and calculating 1 hour per room for estimated moving time. This method is good BUT does not take stairs or elevators into account. Time will also vary if parking is far away or there are many large pieces to move out. The amount of furniture, the size and the distance to overcome will all affect timing. Additional services, such as packing or unpacking, will add to the final bill.

Tax-deductible moving expenses

The  Desjardins website states the following in French: if you’re moving for work, to open or run a business or to study at a postsecondary institution, you can deduct certain expenses from your revenue. Your new residence must bring you at least 40 km closer to your job or school in order for deductions to apply.  The ’Agence du revenu du Canada et Revenu Québec’ (Canada and Quebec revenue agencies) apply the same rules.

Several things will affect the cost of moving. A professional mover will ask all the right questions but make sure you provide detailed information from your end. This will avoid inconvenient surprises. Provide a list of needs, the address and exact size of the home you’ll be leaving (and your new home as well!) with details regarding configuration, number of rooms, street accessibility and  parking limitations if any. This will help both parties and make your move much simpler for all. Don’t hesitate to ask for a quote. In fact, insist on it.

You’re moving and you need a professional team that you can trust to do the job right? That would be us! Visit Déménagement Martineau Inc.