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Moving from Montreal to Toronto

Getting ready to move from Montreal to Toronto, or from Toronto to Montreal?  Martineau Movers and its long distance movers can guide you through this new adventure. We know the road between Montreal and the Queen City well, and can lead you to your destination quickly, without compromising the quality of our service.

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Our long distance moving services

At Martineau Movers, we’re used to hitting the road, and we have solid experience when it comes to long distance moves. We’ll provide you with everything you need to pack your things (cardboard boxes, wrapping paper and adhesive tape), as well as an all-inclusive service for packing and unpacking your belongings.

We’ll move everything safely: heavy or large furniture, pianos, fragile objects, etc. Within a professional moving setting, we commit to taking great care of your filing cabinets and files, and ensuring their confidentiality

Are you facing an unexpected delay between leaving your space and moving into your new one?

Avoid unfortunate surprises thanks to Déménagement Martineau’s storage services, which offer several options (heated or not, security settings, etc.). Get peace of mind knowing that meticulous professionals are taking great care of your things, and moving them within reasonable timelines at a competitive price.

Moving for professional reasons? Not a problem: moving from Montreal to Toronto, or Toronto to Montreal, shouldn’t be a source of stress, but rather excitement! We can help you plan and execute it so that everything is easy, safe, fast and affordable: that way, you’ll have a bigger budget for exploring your new environment!

Moving from Montreal to Toronto

Did you know that Toronto was named the best city to live in around the world based on six important criteria (commercial environment, cost of life, liveability, security, food security and degree of democracy) by The Economist in 2015? Canada’s economic capital, located right next to Lake Ontario, is beloved especially for its multiculturalism, open-mindedness, and welcoming residents. Don’t miss out on visiting the CN Tower, which is one of the seven wonders of the modern world.