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Economical, affordable moving service

Martineau Movers guarantees the best price on moving services. The current economic climate prompts people to look for movers who are inexpensive and affordable. We guarantee competitive pricing for your move. People are also looking for high-quality service, and that’s exactly what we provide!

Compagnie de déménagement résidentiel

Worry-free moving

Martineau Movers has a team of professional movers who do excellent-quality work. They are well-organized with great attention to detail. They take the time to carefully pack up your furniture and fragile objects to make sure they won’t get damaged. Thanks to the courteous service offered by our moving teams, you’ll be kept informed at all times regarding the status of your move.

So you can rest easy, knowing that you’re hiring a moving service that’s not only excellent, but also offered at a fair price. There won’t be any hidden costs for services you didn’t receive. Our estimate clearly indicates on the contract the price you’ll pay for our moving services. We hold ourselves to these estimates and won’t add any surcharges. What’s more, the quality of your move is guaranteed!

Inexpensive, all-inclusive moving services

Are you looking for inexpensive movers? We offer you an incomparable value for you money. You can even ask to see your items that have been securely packed and stored. Our storage facility is accessible 24 hours a day and is under constant surveillance by our security cameras. The units are also heated to ensure that your belongings remain in peak condition.

We’ll handle, pack and store your things with utmost attention and care. All that at a price the competition can’t touch. So you pay less and get more! That’s the Martineau Movers promise!

Estimating the cost of a move

Obviously, every move is different. However, there are three basic criteria that factor into pricing: the distance of the move, the number and size of the items to be moved and the specific challenges involved. The greater the distance, the larger the volume of the material and the more complex the move is, the higher the price will be. Martineau Movers considers the difficulty of each factor and creates personalized estimates according to your budget. As a result, our experts will offer you the best price for an affordable move in Vaudreuil, LaSalle or other areas, like the West Island and Saint-Laurent, without compromising on the quality of the work.

Déménageurs résidentiel – emballage des biens

Minimize stress with an affordable moving service

Any time you call on the services of a professional mover, it costs money. So it’s often tempting to undertake the move yourself, with a helping hand from your friends and family. But you still have to buy packing materials and rent a moving van to transport everything. And it’s not uncommon to underestimate the amount of time it takes, for example, to make the trip there and back. All of these things add up to a lot of money—not to mention stress—both before and on moving day. To avoid these hassles, it only makes sense to choose an affordable moving service.