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Packing your items

Between your change of address, the preparations and the purchases that need to be made, do you find yourself without enough time or energy to pack up your belongings?

Don’t add to your stress. Instead, take advantage of our packing service. At Martineau Movers, we have all the necessary equipment to protect your property and ensure its security.

You can rest assured that our packing experts will exercise utmost precision and professionalism while packing up your property to be moved. Our professional personnel will take great care of your belongings, including the most fragile objects like your paintings, lamps and dishes.

We all know how risky a move can be for certain valuable objects. That’s why we take the time to use protective covers, as well as wardrobe boxes for your clothing. But our packing service doesn’t stop there. If we can pack up your belongings, there’s no reason why we can’t unpack them, too! We offer furniture dismantling and reassembling service, in addition to our storage services in Montreal.

Taking advantage of our packing services during your move is an excellent option that not only enables you to focus on more important things, but also helps reduce the stress associated with moving. Especially when you consider that our service is covered by insurance.

At Martineau Movers, we’re proud to offer you high-quality packing service, performed by a team of experts who have perfectly mastered the techniques for correctly handling your property.

emballage lors d’un déménagement - boîte garde-robe
Déménageurs résidentiel – emballage des biens