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Storage services during a move

So, here you are: your house has been sold, but your new home isn’t ready for you to move in yet. What are you going to do? Good news! At Martineau Movers, we can provide storage service.

Storage during a move can be an excellent solution if some of your favorite furniture won’t fit in the new house you just bought. Our consultants are here to answer your questions, steer you toward the right services and assist you from A to Z when you choose to take advantage of our storage service. Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we’re certified professional movers.

Storing your belongings in Montreal, Vaudreuil and the surrounding areas

When it comes to storage in Montreal, we set the standards. We offer premium-quality storage in clean, secure, heated storage units. Our storage spaces are set up to facilitate access and the moving process, and they’re equipped with 24/7 surveillance cameras. They have enough storage capacity to hold all of your belongings.

Whether you need short- or long-term storage, we have storage units of various sizes to meet all your needs, regardless of the number of items to be stored, so you can rest easy knowing that your things will be kept safe and dry. We offer our storage services in Montreal and Vaudreuil.

entrepôt dans le West Island

Optimizing your storage space

At Martineau Movers, we offer a large selection of units of various sizes for short- or long-term storage so you can choose the one that’s best suited to your needs, depending on how many items you have to store. However, given the practical considerations of storing your belongings, for your convenience and peace of mind, it’s best to be well prepared and organized. That’s why, as storage specialists, we’d like to offer you the following tips:

mini-entrepôt pour stockage lors d’un déménagement
  • Take a precise inventory of all the items you’re putting in storage.
  • Keep everything a few centimeters away from the walls of the storage unit to allow for adequate air circulation.
  • Put the boxes and other items you’ll need to access most frequently closest to the door.
  • Disassemble your furniture and attach the screws and other accessories to one of the parts using adhesive tape.
  • Cover your mattresses and bedding with appropriate packing materials and store them vertically.
  • Protect your sofas, armchairs, box springs, etc. with slipcovers.
  • Leave the doors of your appliances cracked open. Also, ensure that they’re clean, defrosted and dry before putting them in storage.
  • Make sure that your gardening equipment, such as lawnmowers, trimmers and blowers, doesn’t contain any liquid (oil, gasoline, etc.).
  • Use only one or two sizes of boxes so they’ll be easier to stack. Fill them to the top to prevent them from collapsing, especially if some of them contain heavy items, such as books, while others contain light items, such as sheets and linens.
  • Choose specially designed boxes for things such as tableware and clothing.
  • Pack your most delicate and fragile items carefully in plain paper to prevent stains, for example, from newsprint. For added protection, place cloth or bubble wrap inside each box, underneath and on top of the contents.
  • Precisely label your boxes, including the contents and the corresponding room.

More information on storing your belongings during a move

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