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Moving Insurance: Conditions and procedures

You’re in the process of moving. Your boxes are tagged, your moving date is booked and you’ve picked your movers. You carefully check your list and you’re pleased you’ve got everything covered. Are you sure you’ve thought of every single thing? After all, your prized possessions are in those boxes. What happens if something is damaged or broken? You’ll most likely want to make sure you’re protected.

Home insurance : optimal protection for your belongings

certification assurance déménagementYour official moving date is set for next week but in order to get a head start, you decide to move a few boxes over the weekend. That’s great but there’s just one thing: Do you know what coverage your home insurance offers for items that are moved prior to the official date?

Most insurance plans offer a 30-day coverage that covers you for both your current address and new address. It’s still highly recommended that you contact your insurance company 30 to 60 days prior to moving in order to let them know. It’s also vital to let them know if your belongings will be stored temporarily while you move from one address to the other. This could imply necessary contract modifications.

Moving insurance: guaranteed coverage from your moving company

You’ve moved in and you start unpacking your belongings, only to discover some damage. Who covers this? What coverage do you have in these circumstances and how does it all work? It’s important to know that you won’t be covered for the things you packed yourself. If you choose to hire a moving company such as Demenagement Martineau, every item that is packed by movers will be fully covered.

Preventive measures : it’s also your responsibility

For a pain-free moving experience, reconfirm the different types of insurance coverage you’re entitled to. Consider both your private insurance and the moving insurance provided by a professional moving company. Coverage can vary from one company to the next and it is the customer’s responsibility to verify, discuss and establish conditions he or she will be comfortable with. Déménagement Martineau is among companies that ensure certified, full coverage and this is clearly expressed on our website.

Before you put one box on a moving truck, make sure you’ve done your homework and you understand the type of  coverage you have. Negotiating this, after the move, is never a good idea.