Move your piano
with total confidence!

Piano and heavy-object moving

At Martineau Movers, our piano moving services are executed with utmost precision.

Our movers are equipped to move heavy and bulky objects with exceptional attention to detail. Our equipment (harnesses and dollies) combined with the experience of our team ensures a safe, secure move.

So don’t attempt to move your piano yourself and end up damaging it or sustaining serious injuries! This type of moving service is insured by our certified coverage. So you don’t need to worry about a thing: your property will be in good hands with Martineau Movers!

Déménagement de piano droit ou à queue

Piano moving: two measures at a time

Martineau Movers is a recognized specialist in piano moving and transport. We offer our clients exceptional service that’s personalized to address the particular challenges of their move and carried out by a team of professionals. Our moving crew makes sure to take all the necessary precautions when moving your piano, regardless of the type (grand, baby grand, upright or harpsichord).

First of all, they’ll evaluate whether there’s enough space to get your piano out of its current location. If there is, two movers will pack it up and transport it. They’ll rely on their physical strength with the aid of straps and harnesses. In the event that your piano is too large to remove it from the premises, our movers will proceed to dismantle it. But there’s no cause for concern: over the years, they’ve dismantled and reassembled all kinds of pianos.

In most cases, they only need to remove the wheels and the lid to get the piano out the door. But sometimes, they have to completely dismantle it. In that case, your piano will be reassembled on-site at your new location within a maximum of two hours.

To learn more about our piano moving service in Montreal and surrounding areas

Contact us for more information on our piano moving service in Montreal and the surrounding areas. We can give you all the information you need with regard to pricing, transport, storage and the precautions we take… Call on the professional services of our movers, so you can benefit from their expertise and, most of all, avoid any hassles.

When you need to move, transport or relocate your piano, think Martineau Movers!

Moving heavy objects

We have all the necessary equipment to move your heavy items safely and efficiently. Our movers will take all the essential precautions to ensure that your property remains intact during the move, whether it’s a giant-screen TV, pool table, mobile fireplace, hot tub or anything else. For this type of move, our consultants must be informed beforehand, so they can carefully evaluate the situation and your needs.

Déménagement d’objets lourds (spa)

Our guarantee on the transport of pianos and heavy items

We guarantee the best moving service for your piano and other bulky items. We’re experienced, meticulous and careful to protect your possessions and the property around them while we perform the move. Our guarantee protects you against any damages that might occur. So you have nothing to worry about when you do business with us. With experience you can count on, we’re the ones to call when you need to move your piano and other heavy items.

Do you have heavy items to be moved? You can trust Martineau Movers to do the job!