How to save money when you’re moving

When you think of moving, sadly, you also think about all the money you’ll be spending, getting it all done. As exciting as it may be, there’s always some furniture to replace, movers to hire or a truck to rent, if you’ll be doing it all by yourself. And if family and friends chip in, you’ll be splurging for the traditional beer and pizza post-move celebration that sends everyone home happy and full. Saving money AND moving can be tough but here are a few things you can do that will help ease the stress on your wallet.

Stay home on July 1st!

We all know July 1st is THE moving day for many and that means extra bucks for everything, let alone the hassle of navigating streets filled with other movers. You can save a few hundred dollars by not moving on the day that everyone else is trying to do the same. The high season for moving is anywhere between May 24 and July 1 and you can expect to pay between $960 to $3000 depending on the services needed. During this time, movers will charge you between $125 and $225 per hour. When possible, move outside these dates and get quotes from several moving companies. You’ll be surprised how much these can vary at the end of the day and shopping around can save you important money.

Stocking and decorating your home, again

It’s pretty much inevitable. Moving means having to go through your stuff and ultimately realizing some things are no longer useful, may be worn or broken or just won’t work in your new home. Decor items may not matter all that much at first but replacing curtains, kitchen supplies and other necessary items can quickly add up. To save money, plan ahead, shop deals or ask family or friends if they have items lying around the home that they can’t use. Sometimes, one person’s storage will be another’s treasure.

Save on your telecommunications!

July 1st is also a very popular day for companies setting up new phone and internet services. Everyone wants to be connected at all times and there just isn’t enough staff to go around. This means heftier bills and little opportunity for negotiating good rates. If you make some changes in advance, you’ll afford yourself the luxury of shopping around, comparing deals and having everything set-up for a good price when the big day comes around.

Boxes and more boxes

Stocking up on moving supplies can also be expensive and you’ll want to get creative. Missing a few boxes? Ask your mover. Run out of tape? Scope out your nearest Dollarama for basic supplies including tape, markers, stickers and anything you’ll need to pack it all up. Moving can be stressful, even for the most relaxed individual. Worrying about money just adds to an already demanding time. Moving companies such as Demenagement Martineau offer free quotes so you can have a concrete idea of how much it’s going to cost you. No surprises, no stress.

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