4 mistakes not to make when moving yourself

Are you moving soon? If you’ve been living alone and only have a few things to move, you might be tempted to do the move by yourself.

However, just because you want to manage it alone doesn’t mean you don’t have to be organized! Meticulous planning is necessary to ensure that your move is safe and seamless.

Here are four pitfalls to avoid during a DIY move!

Mistake #1: neglecting the basic preparations

Once you’ve determined your moving day, the first thing to remember is to make a complete list of all the companies and organizations you’ll need to contact. While these administrative procedures are inconvenient to begin with, they’ll be even worse if you wait until the last minute!

DIY moving: companies and organizations to contact before your move

  • The Quebec Health Insurance Board (RAMQ), the Quebec Auto Insurance Company (SAAQ), Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency (use the Quebec change of address service – SQCA)
  • Home and auto insurance
  • Internet provider
  • Bank
  • Alarm company
  • Companies that lease furnaces, water heaters, etc.

Mistake #2: failing to gather the necessary materials

If you’re planning to move on your own, you’ll want to make sure you have all the essential elements on hand for packing up your belongings efficiently so it will be easy to transport them. The sooner you get these items, the better. Here are some things to include on your list:

Cardboard boxes: you can find empty boxes at your work, the neighborhood supermarket, the pharmacy, department stores, etc.

Packing tape, bubble wrap and covers: old bedding and drapes can also be used to protect your belongings.

A dolly or hand truck and straps: your health and well-being are essential. Don’t be hard-headed. Transport heavy objects on a cart designed for that purpose.

Mistake #3: deciding not to rent a truck or van

It may seem obvious, yet people are often tempted to try cutting costs by making multiple trips in a friend’s pickup. But this option can be tiring, not to mention the fact that you could end up spending a lot on gasoline. Renting a moving truck that’s adapted for the job will help you save time.

How to choose a moving truck

The volume of items you have to transport will be the main factor to consider when choosing the size of moving vehicle you need. Opt for a vehicle that’s a little larger so you’ll have some wiggle-room just in case. Ideally, the moving truck will be padded and equipped with load bars to secure and protect your belongings. It should also have sliding doors (or a tailgate lift) to facilitate loading and unloading.

Mistake #4: overestimating your physical strength

To cut costs or save time, you might be tempted to do everything yourself, including moving heavy objects. But don’t take any unnecessary risks! If you have to move something that’s a bit heavy, rent a harness with two straps to distribute the weight evenly over your body. It’s obviously a great idea ask a friend for help, but make sure the two of you are well-coordinated. Even better, let professional movers take care of moving heavy objects.

Moving services to fit your particular situation!

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