5 solutions for storing your belongings during a move

Are you moving soon and your new place doesn’t have room for all of your things? Whether there’s a shortage of space, your new residence isn’t ready yet or renovations are forcing you to temporarily vacate the premises, there are secure, reliable solutions for storing your belongings.

But the smartest thing to do is to start by sorting everything!

1. Decluttering

Are you familiar with the rule dictating that, every time you acquire something new, you need to get rid of something old? Some people swear by this philosophy to prevent them from accumulating more things than they know what to do with.

To declutter quickly and effectively, it’s best to go room by room. Sort the items according to what should go in the trash, what should be recycled and what should go to charity. Are there certain things that you haven’t used for a year or two? It’s time to say goodbye!

2. Renting a storage space

Keeping your things in a storage facility is an ideal way to keep them secure and in good condition. There are numerous companies that lease mini-storage units or other types of storage solutions. The advantages are manifold: these storage facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security systems. What’s more, most of them observe rigorous regulations in terms of cleanliness and protection against flooding and fire. Additionally, these companies always carry liability insurance, so in the event of theft or damage, you will have the right to compensation.

Finally, since storage facilities leave you free to enter your unit, you can access your belongings without having to disturb anyone—unlike when you store them at the home of a friend or relative.

3. Renting a container

Renting a container is a flexible, economical solution for storing your possessions during a move.

Certain companies will deliver storage cubes right to your home, at your convenience. This allows you to fill the container at your own pace. A container can have a capacity of up to 2,000 pounds (2 short metric tons), and some are equipped with waterproof covers to protect your belongings from humidity and the elements.

4. Ask those close to you for help

If you’re lucky enough to have good friends or a devoted family member, there’s nothing stopping you from asking them to keep your things. This is an especially good idea if they have a large home that isn’t already cluttered. Entrusting your belongings to your loved ones is an economical, reassuring storage solution. However, your friend or family member could feel like you’re being invasive if you need to access your things a little too often!

5. Storing your belongings with your moving company

Are you already doing business with a moving company? Find out if they offer storage service. You can kill two birds with one stone by asking your mover to transport your things to the storage facility during your move.

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