15 tips for a smooth, easy move

You’ll be moving soon and you’d love things to flow seamlessly, and pull it off without a hitch. We understand. As much as planning can help you—it really does—there are always those unexpected bumps and the better you’re prepared, the easier everything will be and you’ll keep your stress level to a minimum. Here are a few tips to help you prep for moving and turn moving day into an exciting moment for all involved.

1.Before you even start to pack, get rid of all the things you never use. Putting useless items in and out of boxes is time-consuming and you really just want to pass them on to someone who can use them. Travel lighter.

2. There are things you don’t use on an everyday basis and you can start packing them up a few weeks prior to moving day. Start with books, decor, DVDs or other collectibles you can safely put away ahead of time. Just make sure to tag your boxes so you remember where they are. We think we’ll remember, but we don’t. And it’s normal.

3. Pack your most commonly used items last. You don’t want to be scrounging through boxes to find that shirt you absolutely need for that interview. Or have people over without any plates or glasses.

4. On the big day, make sure you’re surrounded by the packers tools and by that we mean a few glasses, plates, utensils, napkins, some tape, scissors, a broom and cleaning products.

5. If you have kids, plan on changing schools and make sure they’re registered prior to making the move. It’ll be one less stress factor on your list.

6. If needed, look into hiring professional movers. They’ll help with heavy, bulky items you wouldn’t want to be moving yourself. Pianos, pool tables and appliances come to mind. Keep your back and your items safe. Hire the pros.

7. Contact relevant government authorities and change your address one or two months prior to moving. Start with Revenu Quebec, RAMQ, Hydro-Quebec and make a list of all companies you should notify.

8. Get good, solid boxes that you’ll be able to fold up and re-use for a future move. Carefully wrap and place objects in boxes. Quality wrapping is crucial for protecting your cherished possessions and part of a well planned move. Call experts and let them do it for you.

9. Objects are never perfectly square and you’ll end up with space that allows things to move around. You don’t want that. Use bubble wrap or newspaper to fill in the holes and keep everything snug. It’ll help prevent objects from colliding and possibly breaking during transportation.

10. Wrapping dinnerware, glasses and other fragile objects in lots of newspaper will help protect them. If the idea of washing everything after you unpack is less appealing to you, choose to wrap in paper towels or white professional packing paper. This way, your objects are protected and clean.

11. Tape or tie cleaning items, such as mops or brooms, together so they’re easier to move around. Same with hockey sticks, skis, rakes, shovels and more.

12. Keep valuables with you and move them yourself on the big day. Computers, jewelry, money, passports and any important object should travel with you.

13. You’re ready to unpack but you don’t know what’s what. This could be a long day or night. Try color-coding your boxes so you know what needs to be unpacked fast, or not. Make sure every box is identified with what’s inside so you’re not unpacking dishes in the bathroom.

14. Before you leave, read the electrical meter and make a note or take a photo. You’ll want to do the same at your new address. This helps if you experience any billing issues.

15. Keep a cooler stocked with drinks and snacks for moving day. You’ll save time and money if you can feed everyone around you quickly. Don’t forget the friends and family that came out to lend a hand. A cool drink and a bite at the end of the day are always appreciated.

Enjoy your move!